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Calla Emergency Grant Fund for Sorors Application

The purpose of the Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc. Calla Emergency Grant Fund for Sorors is to provide one-time emergency grants, subject to the availability of funds, to initiated members of Delta Rho Eta in good standing who are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties. Grants of no more than $300 will be given in one payment on behalf of qualified applicants upon receipt of complete application materials, approval by the Delta Rho Eta Executive Board and ratification by the Governing Body. Grants are not repayable; however, recipients must comply with the Sorority’s reporting requirements.


Suspended, expelled, and non-financial sorority members are not eligible to apply for The Calla Emergency Grant.


Restrictions and Tax Reform Act of 1986

All awards are restricted to immediate housing, basic care or medical needs only. In addition, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 provides that grants dispersed and received under this program are likely NOT tax deductible. It is the recipient’s responsibility to consult with her personal tax advisor to determine whether any or all of a grant received from the Sorority is taxable.


Applicants should send the materials listed below to: Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc. via email at

  1. Signed and dated acceptance of terms and conditions.

  2. Complete application form - including essay.

  3. Copy of delinquent immediate housing, basic care or medical needs for which you are requesting assistance. Basic care is limited to electricity, water or home gas needs.

  4. Financial statement completed and signed by the applicant.

  5. Copy of most recent checking account statement.

  6. Two letters of recommendation from current, active sorority members specifically addressing the applicant’s character and commitment to Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc.

  7. Signed form from District Director.


There is no deadline to apply. Complete applications will be reviewed and acted upon as they are received. Only complete applications will be considered. Any application that is not complete after four weeks will be disqualified.  The sorority will not contact applicants concerning missing portions of the application but will respond to inquiries from applicants who want to verify receipt of application materials.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain all required materials and recommendation letters.

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