"We Are Delta Rho Eta"

by Rhachel Royal


Service and Sisterhood Above Self

Yeve and Unity above all else

We have crossed the sands into unchartered land

Where socially conscious, professional women link to lend a helping hand

We are proud Queens

Dedicated to The Delta Rho Eta things

Principles and Values that guide our very beings

Integrity and Honesty - the truth and nothing but the truth

Education- commitment to excelling for the seasoned adults as well as the youth

Compassion- the empathetic as well as sympathy to those in need

Family- our home is where we plant our first seeds

Community the thread that weaves us all together

For better or worse through good or bad weather

We stand strong in the face of adversity

Coming together as sisters to build up those who the world perceives as less than

Reaching a helping hands to boys girls women and men

Together achieving physical, mental and economic prosperity

Standing in agreement with one another for our government's vision and clarity

Political, Social and Economic advocates

Change in this world and we strive to be the catalysts

The light that emits from melanin kissed skin

Comes from the power of love and respect within

We are dedicated to no judgement just giving, loving and supporting our communities

Look into the heart of our sister and you will see proof of these

They are selfless not profiting from the seeds they sow

But planting them just for our communities and families to grow

We will be living examples of the principles we hold dear

We will shine light on injustice

And provide integrity where distrust is

We will unify to build and refuse to allow anyone to teardown


Hark the sound of the Delta Rho Eta sisters coming through

Chanting WEEEEEEESLAY and Rocking that Eta Blue!!!

What  Others Strive to Be, We Are!

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©2018 - 2020 Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc.