Our Purpose

The purpose of Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc. is to unite and create a true and lasting bond of sisterhood among women of like ideals within our community, and to encourage one another in the pursuit of personal happiness and physical, mental and economic prosperity, which in turn will help to enable us to bring happiness and prosperity to our families and community.

Our Creed

I believe in Delta Rho Eta. I believe my sorority is more than its rituals and symbols; that she is me and I am Eta. I believe it is my responsibility as an Eta Woman to exemplify the highest ideals of womanhood, sisterhood and compassion. I believe our motto "Service and Sisterhood Above Self" expresses the true spirit of Delta Rho Eta and that by living this motto I will contribute to the common good of everyone around me. I believe that the privilege of membership in Delta Rho Eta carries the responsibility of our values: Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, Education, Family and Community and that by being a God-fearing stewart of this responsibility I may someday hear God say, "Well done my servant".

Our Mission

We, the Sorors of ΔΡΗ, shall stand as exemplary leaders displaying wisdom, integrity, kindness, elegance, grace, and poise in all areas of life through service to family, community and our sisterhood.

Our Values

Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, Education, Family and Community

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