The Lily Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc. is committed to the economic empowerment of our community by establishing and promoting economic opportunities and growth within our community and by influencing and changing policies and practices that hinder the success of professionals and businesses within our community.


Because we recognize the importance of encouraging and facilitating business innovation and creativity, The Lily Entrepreneurship Scholarship was created to assist a deserving, up-and-coming woman entrepreneur in our community in obtaining the education and training needed to become a successful small business owner.

The Lily Entrepreneurship Scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving woman between the ages of 14 and 99 years old demonstrating a desire to become an entrepreneur.

The goal of the award is to assist with the financial costs of study, through which the acquisition and development of skills will potentially culminate in a successful enterprise.


Scholarship Application Details and Requirements


One (1) scholarship of $500 will be awarded and paid to any accredited college or University of the recipient’s choice toward an Entrepreneurship Certificate. The scholarship will pay $750 to the college or University of the recipient’s choice if the college or University is a historically black college or university (HBCU).


In order to be considered for The Lily Entrepreneurship Scholarship, applicants must provide:

  • A completed The Lily Entrepreneurship Scholarship Application

  • A copy of the letter of acceptance from their university or college

  • An 800-word essay discussing their entrepreneurial vision and proposed business, how The Lily Entrepreneurship Scholarship will help the applicant work toward or develop their entrepreneurial idea and most importantly, how they intend to give back to our community as a business owner.



  • All requirements listed under APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS

  • Academic eligibility (acceptance into an Entrepreneurship Certificate program)

  • Ability to demonstrate an unequivocal entrepreneurial passion

  • Potential benefits of additional financial support

  • Entrepreneurial attitude and leadership skills potential



Applications are accepted beginning March 1st of each year. The deadline to submit applications is March 31st of each year.



The scholarship recipient will be announced and awarded at the annual Delta Rho Eta L.O.V.E. Awards (date TBD each year).

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