Who We Are

Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc. is a sisterhood FIRST! A sisterhood founded to yeve and love.


The primary purpose of our sisterhood is giving, loving and supporting one another with nonjudgmental love, camaraderie and support. We are FAMILY. We are women of like goals and ideals united in a true and lasting bond of sisterhood, encouraging and supporting one another in the pursuit of happiness and assisting one another in achieving physical, mental and economic prosperity with the ultimate, unifying goal of bringing happiness and prosperity to our families and community.

We are also a social and community service based organization with a focus on societal-political-economic advocacy.


As a charitable for-profit entity we are dedicated to being an advocate and catalyst to the advancement of our community by being a shining light promoting, advocating and ensuring continued growth, respect and love from WITHIN our community TO our community.  

We believe to be true advocates within our community our sisterhood cannot be bound by ties that could limit who we are, what we say, who we support, for whom and what we advocate and how we grow as a sisterhood and within our community. Because of this, Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc. is neither a  501c3, 501c7 nor any other form of non-profit organization. Though we easily qualify for such designation, we refuse to allow regulatory statutes to restrict our advocacy and community initiatives and programs.


While we graciously accept donations to help support our initiatives and community programs, and are extremely grateful for them, please note: purchases, gifts and donations of any kind to Delta Rho Eta Sorority are not tax deductible.


As a charitable for-profit entity 100% of the funds earned by Delta Rho Eta Sorority, Inc., through donations and sale, go towards the administration of our beloved sorority and the projects and initiatives we sponsor and support within our sisterhood and community.

We believe in our community and the impact your support of our sisterhood will have on generations to come.



“It takes a village”– African Proverb

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